The Information Capital – Tate Modern Museum Shop

The Information Capital – Tate Modern Museum Shop

The Tate Modern Museum Shop is a dangerous place, indeed. I purchased 3 books when I was there last time. One of them is the biggest I ever had (Understanding the World). I could not bring all the 3 books home safely alone. But lucky me I had help.

The first book I could not leave just there was The Information Capital. It’s full of maps and graphics of London and is clearly brilliant. It tells us when Londoners go for a run, ride the bike, what they eat, what they like. Where they go with their oysters and which Tube line has the most suicide jumpers (of course the Northerline, I use that). My favourite map shows the airport flight queues above the city.

  • the-information-capital-01
  • the-information-capital-02
  • the-information-capital-03
  • the-information-capital-04

And of course it includes the William Farr Temperature and Mortality in London graphs from 1852. (But I don’t know why they included this old piece, but I think it’s a “have to”)


Buy it here:

After purchasing my first book at a till, I did not leave the shop immediately. And this caused two more things.

First one was the Raw Data infographic designers’ sketchbooks

  • raw-data-01
  • raw-data-02
  • raw-data-03
  • raw-data-04
  • raw-data-05
  • raw-data-06
  • raw-data-07
  • raw-data-08
  • raw-data-10

But check amazon, too. Last time they had discount on it.

The biggest book

  • understanding-the-world-01
  • understanding-the-world-02
  • understanding-the-world-03
  • understanding-the-world-04
  • understanding-the-world-05
  • understanding-the-world-06
  • understanding-the-world-07